Inspiring Work From Creative Mums and Dads

creative mother baby photos

When you are kid, everything is possible and magic happens everywhere. While you are asleep your dreams might come true, your toys come to life… I remember I used to tell my little sister that dwarves existed and lived behind the electricity installations’ small doors. And she believed it.

Some parents decide to bring magic into their children’s lives in an incredible funny and creative way. I’ve selected three of my favorite mums and dads and their inspiring imagination.

Wengenn in Wonderland

Using cloths, stuffed pets, toys and construction paper, Queenie has created fascinating backgrounds and disguises for her little kid, Wengenn. In her album there are over  30 pictures of little Wengenn sailing like a pirate, acting in a circus, capturing stars… a world of magic.

creative mum pictures of baby

creative mum  robot baby

Sandwich Art

Starting in May 2008, illustrator and graphic designer, David Laferriere, has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags with a Sharpie marker. He makes each drawing  just after he finishes the sandwich. He has been taking a picture and upload it to Flickr where there are over 1,100 pictures already. A great way to brighten up your day! MORE THIS WAY!

Universal children’s day around the world

Over the course of my trips I like to take pictures, not only of the main attractions, but also of locals and their way of life. To celebrate the Universal Children’s Day I’ve made a selection of some of my travel photos where kids are the main characters.

Miyazima (Japan)

One of the places I highly recommend you to visit is the beautiful island of Miyajima in Japan. There’s a a Torii Gate that seams to float on the water when tides are high, and when they are low you can approach it by foot. You can see its red reflection in the background and the little kid playing with sand and water.

japan kid miyajima

Atlas (Morocco)

When we travelled to Marrakech in 2011 with my family we made a trip to the mountains of Atlas. It was like a trip in time seeing those kids playing with toys from my grand parent’s time.

kids in morocco atlas

Jardins du Luxembourg (Paris)

While visiting my sister in Paris last year, I took my camera and went for a walk in the beautiful gardens of Luxembourg. In the pond it was possible for kids to rent little boats and let them float away,

kid paris little boat

Nara (Japan)

Again in Japan we met this group of cute schoolkids visiting Nara in front of its Buddhist temple.

school kid japan nara

Poblesec (Barcelona)

Correfocs are very popular in the Catalan tradition, it consists of a group of Diables ( Devils) lighting fireworks and dancing. I had never seen such a young and proud diable before!

kid in barcelona correfoc

Hope you enjoyed those pictures, have a great day!

A wander in Parc Ciutadella

I don’t remember any other november with 25ºC in Barcelona. I have no idea if this is due to global warmining but, as a warm weather lover I took the chance the other day of taking a walk around Parc Ciutadella bringing along my camera.

I wasn’t the only one who had this idea and soon I found the park crowded with families, groups of friends, couples, street performers and even business men looking for a break.

These are some of the pics I took, hope you enjoy them!

ciutadella parc barcelona

ciutadella barcelona kids with soap balloons

ciutadella barcelona lovers lock

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Barcelona Roller Derby

Barcelona roller derby

Maybe you’ve never heard about this sport. In fact, I had never heard about Roller Derby until a friend of mine enrolled in the Barcelona team. This sport was born in the 1930s in the US and has had a revival as a female amateur sport since the past decade.

It basically consists of two teams of five players rollerskating around a track. It’s a contact sport, where one player of each team (the jammer) has to score points by lapping members of the opposing team (blockers) who will attempt to block her way.

Barcelona Roller Derby

I believe the important thing about this game is that all the teams and leagues are amateur and run by the team members themselves, which makes the factk of belonging to a Roller Derby team a strong compromise.

Barcelona Roller Derby

The aesthetics of the game of Roller Derby are a big part of it. Although sometimes teams have their own uniform, most girls follow a kind of Rockabilly fashion, in the Barcelona Roller Derby league it’s hard to find a player without any tattoo. Team players also adopt a surname, which is often a play of words, like an alter ego of their personalities.

Barcelona roller derby

I recommend attending to a Roller Derby “bout” (match) and support your local team, you won’t feel disappointed. There’s always a great atmosphere and you can feel the energy that radiates from the passion these girls put into the game.

If you’re in Barcelona then make sure not to miss the first bout of the season tomorrow Friday the 22nd at 9:30 in CEM Trinitat Vella. These girls rock!