What to wear?

The way we dress is a covering letter, depending on our skills choosing the proper outfit we can assure a good first impression… and we all know you never get a second chance to cause a good first impression.
Barcelona’s design museum DHUB has organised an exhibition called What to wear? dealing with the concept of dressing as a part of building our identity. The exhibition includes around 50 pieces from the Maria Brillas endowment, all of them created by one of the finest 20th century Spanish designers Pedro Rodríguez.

The museum decided to make the visit as participative as possible including a series of activities in parallel of the exhibition. A social media campaign  was launched asking users about their fashion dilemmas when choosing an outfit and last week a vintage cocktail was organised at the museum demanding a vintage etiquette. As usual you can check my Flickr gallery of the event:

Còctel què em poso?

A good example of how a good use of online and offline campaigns are able to, not only boost the number of visits by providing a wider notoriety, but also make the experience of the exhibition much more participative and enjoyable.