Shugo Tokumaru live in Barcelona 2013


I discovered Shogu a couple of years ago via 8tracks, someone had included his cheerful and uplifting Lahaha in a mix and it  just blew my mind. One doesn’t need to understand the lyrics to get carried away by the sound produced by a myriad of  different instruments used, the pace of the rythm leading to a growing momentum and the sweet sound of his voice on top of it all.

So when I heard he was playing at sala [2] in Barcelona I knew it was gonna be a great Friday night.

The show started with a chipper Fanny Roz playing barefoot and inviting the audience to become part of the show. Born in France but signed up in Catalan label Bcore, she sang and played beautifully, telling different stories on every song.


It was then the turn of Shugo Tokumaru and his 2 member band: a motivated drummer with a soothing smile radiating passion and happiness and an extremely talented girl who would play a dozen of instruments such as accordion, keyboard, xylophone, flute, woodblocks, chimes and even a puppet!

shugo tokumaru barcelona 2013

Shugo, who also performed barefoot, and his band played some of the new songs from In Focus such as Katachi or Decorate and previous hits such as Lahaha or Laminate. The connivance with the audience was obvious and when he grabbed an ukelele and started playing the first notes of Video Killed The Radio Stars it all became a sing-along ensemble.

I took a video of the show, even if the sound is not perfect, it will give you an idea of the positive energy and general state of happiness that could be felt during the show.

If you have the chance go see Shugo live!


Fresh Feeling in Barcelona – The Eels Concert

eels barcelona 2013

Last Saturday 27th April 2013, five guys dressed up in an Adidas tracksuit, dark sunglasses and mandatory beards performed a master class on how concerts should be. Lead by genious Mark Oliver Everett, aka Mr. E, the band from California landed in sala Barts with an energizing rocking mood, ready to overwhelm the audience with a series of fast tracks, some great classics, many of jokes mixed with signs of affection and commitment. But most of all that fresh, fresh feeling.

mister E barcelona Eels 2013

If you’ve heard a little bit about the band you’ll know that every tour is different and for the presentation of the latest album “Wonderful, Glorious“, maybe not the best but definitely a good one, Mr E and his musketeers chose to rock the house!

eels concert


You can check the set list here, but the most important thing about the show wasn’t which songs from their endless repertoire they played, but the energy they put in it. After reading “Things the grandchildren should know” I just don’t get how Mark Oliver Everett is able to transmit such powerful positive feelings when playing. I was left with a “Life is worth living” feeling.

mark oliver everett barcelona 2013

 Eels has been one of favourite bands since I discovered Beautiful Freaks back in the old days. Since then I have been mesmerized by Mr. E’s talent. Dreaming about this someone who is able to tell you “One day the world will be ready for you -And wonder how they didn’t see”. KEEP ON READING

Barcelona Concerts: Alfa En Viu featuring The Seihos

The Seihos Alfa en Viu BarcelonaI met them in a crowded room, back in February 2012 as a support band for The Crookes concert in Barcelona. Their day-dreaming-happy-energizing tunes took the audience to a worry-free island ( probably in the Pacific) in the summertime.

The Seihos have this charismatic touch that makes them instantly connect with the audience. Drifting from surf music, to folk with an  oldies flair, the band is able to make the spectators get on their feet and dance the stress-away. Think Vampire Weekend meets Paul Simon‘s Graceland and you’ll get an idea of what they sound like.

Alfa bar the seihos barcelona

The Barcelona based band is a regular of the Alfa En Viu concert series that take place in my favourite Gracia neighborhood club, Alfa Bar. So if you missed yesterday’s show make sure to check the next concert by The Seihos (or any other great band) that are programmed to play in the upcoming months.


Micah P. Hinson in Barcelona

micah p hinson Barcelona

Last saturday the histrionic folk singer Micah P. Hinson performed a show at Razzmatazz in Barcelona. It was definitely not a usual performance. There was absolutely no doubt about the quality of the show, you can tell he has confidence on stage and his voice and his band’s sound was really good.

However, I must say I won’t remember this concert only because of his music, but maybe more because of his attitude and behavior. As soon as the show started he began to ask to increase the vocals while singing, and he kept on repeating that all through the show. He is a perfectionist, and he won’t doubt to tell what he doesn’t seem right.

micah p hinson Barcelona

The whole show took place at a very slow pace, and very quietly. I was afraid to sing along. At some point when he had already started to play a new song, and some part of the audience was still discussing, he suddenly stopped and said “There is something I never understood. Why people pay to talk to their friends? I don’t know how much you paid for the ticket all I know is that none of my friends are worth a dime to talk to.”

At this point something very awkward happened. A girl from the audience that was obviously intoxicated who had been shouting like crazy asked:
-“Then why are you here?”
– “Why am I here?… ” He replied a little bit shocked and started to explain that some part of the audience though it was worth seeing him live. Then he changed his mind and stated that in his contract there was nothing saying he had to f** justify himself. It was all very tense, and everyone wanted that girl to disappear. I felt sad that he might remember his show in Barcelona because of that stupid drunk girl.


Rock en Seine 2012: Sunday’s review and pictures

Rock en Seine 2012

Last Sunday, 26th of August I went for the first time to the Rock en Seine Festival in Paris. I have been to other big festivals before and I have to say that the ambiance and organisation were really good. No stress, very few pushes around, large spaces to lay down under the sun, lots of families with kids, some funny costumes and great bands such as Passion Pit, The Dandy Warhols, Foster The People or Green day.

The Festival is located by the river Seine (Iguess this comes with no surprise), and the views when approaching the showground were beautiful.

Rock en Seine

This year’s poster design was inspired by vintage circus characters, and all the atmosphere from the big wheel to the candy stalls and the special exhibition were related to that topic. It was like being in a village fair.

Candy at Rock en SeineRock en Seine 2012 poster

My intention was to see Bombay Bicycle Club first of all, but they were playing way too early (3 p.m.) and by the time we got there we were only able to hear Shuffle (which is my favourite song, so it wasn’t that bad).

Passion pit rock en Seine

Later we headed to the other side of the festival to see Passion Pit and were lucky enough to be in the first row! I really liked their album “Manners” and was afraid to be disappointed by their live performance, but though the sound wasn’t perfect, the singer, Michael Angelakos was full of energy and we really enjoyed their performance singing along as loudly as possible. The climax came with their last song Little Secrets when the audience went higher and higher and higher…

We then headed to the main stage to hear the end of The Dandy Warhols‘ show. You could tell those guys have years of experience, the sound was fantastic and Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s deep voice had a soothing effect while laying down on the grass.

Foster The People Rock en Seine

And after some waiting time, fighting our way through hordes of late teens, finally came Foster The People!! By far the best show of the festival. They managed to light up the crowd with a series of hits one after the other Helena Beat, Call It What You Want, Houdini… And the finale Pumped Up Kids accompanied by a white confetti rain and an electronic remix that made everyone jump like crazy.

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