Inspiring Work From Creative Mums and Dads

creative mother baby photos

When you are kid, everything is possible and magic happens everywhere. While you are asleep your dreams might come true, your toys come to life… I remember I used to tell my little sister that dwarves existed and lived behind the electricity installations’ small doors. And she believed it.

Some parents decide to bring magic into their children’s lives in an incredible funny and creative way. I’ve selected three of my favorite mums and dads and their inspiring imagination.

Wengenn in Wonderland

Using cloths, stuffed pets, toys and construction paper, Queenie has created fascinating backgrounds and disguises for her little kid, Wengenn. In her album there are over  30 pictures of little Wengenn sailing like a pirate, acting in a circus, capturing stars… a world of magic.

creative mum pictures of baby

creative mum  robot baby

Sandwich Art

Starting in May 2008, illustrator and graphic designer, David Laferriere, has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags with a Sharpie marker. He makes each drawing  just after he finishes the sandwich. He has been taking a picture and upload it to Flickr where there are over 1,100 pictures already. A great way to brighten up your day! MORE THIS WAY!

Barcelona’s Science Museum through a kid’s eyes

I remember when I was little going to the Science Museum with my school class. I loved it, especially the Amazonian Forest and all these things you could touch and play with. Remember the electric ball that made you feel you had all the power in your hands?

The Barcelona’s Science Museum, or CosmoCaixa, is located in the uptown, surrounded by splendid villas. It’s quite an excursion to get there, but it’s definitely worth the view.

Cosmocaixa barcelona

The museum is arranged around a 6 floor high staircase that goes in circles around a huge “tree”. It’s a sculpture by Catalan artist Enric Pladevall who spent over a year building this 23 meter-long “Tree of Life“.

Cosmocaixa Tree

As a grown-up I’d been back a couple of times, but I’ve always been kind of disappointed. Everything seemed smaller and less exciting. Not too long ago I had the chance to go back with a 2-year-old kid, and it was fantastic to see how excited he was. It made me see the museum as if I was a kid again, getting all amazed by the different devices like in a funfair.

Here you can see him playing as a DJ. Just by flipping over color cubes on a special surface, you were able to make different music sounds and feel like David Guetta.

Kid Dj at Cosmocaixa

Another activity that especially caught his attention was a facility where you could appreciate the decomposition of white light. Pushing 3 different buttons you could choose how many primary colors you wanted to see. You don’t need to understand the functioning of it to enjoy the scene:

kids in different colors