Barcelona Roller Derby

Barcelona roller derby

Maybe you’ve never heard about this sport. In fact, I had never heard about Roller Derby until a friend of mine enrolled in the Barcelona team. This sport was born in the 1930s in the US and has had a revival as a female amateur sport since the past decade.

It basically consists of two teams of five players rollerskating around a track. It’s a contact sport, where one player of each team (the jammer) has to score points by lapping members of the opposing team (blockers) who will attempt to block her way.

Barcelona Roller Derby

I believe the important thing about this game is that all the teams and leagues are amateur and run by the team members themselves, which makes the factk of belonging to a Roller Derby team a strong compromise.

Barcelona Roller Derby

The aesthetics of the game of Roller Derby are a big part of it. Although sometimes teams have their own uniform, most girls follow a kind of Rockabilly fashion, in the Barcelona Roller Derby league it’s hard to find a player without any tattoo. Team players also adopt a surname, which is often a play of words, like an alter ego of their personalities.

Barcelona roller derby

I recommend attending to a Roller Derby “bout” (match) and support your local team, you won’t feel disappointed. There’s always a great atmosphere and you can feel the energy that radiates from the passion these girls put into the game.

If you’re in Barcelona then make sure not to miss the first bout of the season tomorrow Friday the 22nd at 9:30 in CEM Trinitat Vella. These girls rock!

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