Autumn Shades of Sunset in Lloret de Mar

Leaving the house wearing just a dress and sandals, sunbathing by the ocean, never-ending bright days that fill you up with energy, a myriad of colorful fruits from all over… Is there anything better than summers by the Mediterranean?

Every year when temperatures go down, it’s with a heavy heart that I take the jacket out of the wardrobe. Not the type of person that gets excited to open the it’s-already-dark-night-by-6pm season.

Sometimes, however, I must admit fall comes in with adorable sceneries. Add that to the fact that I have a soft spot for sunsets, and there you have me, taking dozens of pictures while admiring the metamorphose of the sky.

Yesterday I witnessed one of the longest and most beautiful sunsets, and I was lucky enough to be by Lloret de Mar, in Costa Brava. Hope you enjoy the view with #nofilter!

Sunset Lloret de Mar Costa Brava

Sunset Lloret de Mar Costa Brava

Sunset Lloret de Mar Costa Brava

Sunset Lloret de Mar Costa Brava

The bright side of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava

Lloret de mar coast in costa brava

In terms of reputation, Lloret de Mar has definitely some work to do. What used to be a picturesque village in the southern part of the beautiful Costa Brava, has turned over the years into a popular destination among European youngsters looking for sun, beach and most of all fiesta. In fact, it’s quite common to describe as “Lloret tourism” all those low cost travelers who are only looking to get drunk and make party all night long (and who often provoke quarrels).

Fortunately not all of the town’s coast was ruined by tall hotel buildings looking to host as many tourists as possible. Sa caleta cove for instance still preserves some charm with all the fisherman’s boats.

Sa caleta Lloret de mar costa brava

The seaside path starting from this small bay offers what I consider some privileged views from the Mediterranean coast. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, judge yourself 🙂


sa caleta lloret de mar costa brava

lloret de mar costa brava

lloret de mar costa brava view

Has the image you had of Lloret de Mar changed by these pictures?