Inspiring Work From Creative Mums and Dads

creative mother baby photos

When you are kid, everything is possible and magic happens everywhere. While you are asleep your dreams might come true, your toys come to life… I remember I used to tell my little sister that dwarves existed and lived behind the electricity installations’ small doors. And she believed it.

Some parents decide to bring magic into their children’s lives in an incredible funny and creative way. I’ve selected three of my favorite mums and dads and their inspiring imagination.

Wengenn in Wonderland

Using cloths, stuffed pets, toys and construction paper, Queenie has created fascinating backgrounds and disguises for her little kid, Wengenn. In her album there are over  30 pictures of little Wengenn sailing like a pirate, acting in a circus, capturing stars… a world of magic.

creative mum pictures of baby

creative mum  robot baby

Sandwich Art

Starting in May 2008, illustrator and graphic designer, David Laferriere, has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags with a Sharpie marker. He makes each drawing  just after he finishes the sandwich. He has been taking a picture and upload it to Flickr where there are over 1,100 pictures already. A great way to brighten up your day!

illustrated sandwich bag

I especially like the monsters, which one is your favorite?

sandwich art illustration


Way before Toy Story, all kids dreamt about their toys coming back to life at night. Since last year, Refe Tuma and his wife have turned November into Dinovember. Every night, when their kids are fast asleep,  the couple creates captivating photoshoots with their dinosaur toys. Some nights they give way to their artistic inspirations…

creative parents dinovember

Other nights they misbehave

photos of toys

But they finally do all the cleanup!

dinosaur toys

So what did you think? Aren’t these amazing examples or parental creativity? If I ever have kids I wish I am able do something half as original as these.

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