London Christmas Display

A short and colourful seasonal post!

At the begining of December I went to London for a few days. I’ve been a few times before (I even lived in the city for some months four years ago), so I wasn’t really into taking lots of pictures. However, the christmas displays really catched my attention and so I decided to do a series of retrocamera shots of the best ones.

Here we go!
London Christmas Display
London Christmas Display
London Christmas Display

Retrocamera AKA the fustrated photographer

W Hotel Barcelona

I’ve been a late bloomer with all these smartphone/apps frenzy. I just got an Android mobile phone last April and since then I cannot remember how did I survive without Internet on the phone. It is kind of addictive, in fact I ended up removing the Facebook App like a month ago ( and ain’t missing you at all). I can live without knowing what other people are doing and without telling the world where I am ( I also deleted the Foursquare app). Ok, I lie, I still keep Twitter but it IS different…

Anyway, before I got into this cult I kind of secretly envied those Instagram people. Taking awesome shots just with a click from their phone. So I looked around and my friend Lili told me to download¬†the Retrocamera app. I know there are better ones, but I just feel lazy downloading a new one. ¬†It has different filters and after trying them all I’ve become a fan of one called Xolaroid, I guess you’ve already discovered the reason of that name…

Here are some of the shots I recently took as a fustrated photographer:

Rothko styled paintings