Barcelona Concerts: Alfa En Viu featuring The Seihos

The Seihos Alfa en Viu BarcelonaI met them in a crowded room, back in February 2012 as a support band for The Crookes concert in Barcelona. Their day-dreaming-happy-energizing tunes took the audience to a worry-free island ( probably in the Pacific) in the summertime.

The Seihos have this charismatic touch that makes them instantly connect with the audience. Drifting from surf music, to folk with an  oldies flair, the band is able to make the spectators get on their feet and dance the stress-away. Think Vampire Weekend meets Paul Simon‘s Graceland and you’ll get an idea of what they sound like.

Alfa bar the seihos barcelona

The Barcelona based band is a regular of the Alfa En Viu concert series that take place in my favourite Gracia neighborhood club, Alfa Bar. So if you missed yesterday’s show make sure to check the next concert by The Seihos (or any other great band) that are programmed to play in the upcoming months.

As I said in one of my first blog posts, Gracia is a neighborhood portrayed by narrow streets and low buildings which is not an ideal place for loud music. However, in oppositions to the city council’s strict laws regarding live music licenses, the concerts agenda is the area is large and varied, with new venues blooming all over the place.

The seihos alfa bar barcelona

The Seihos Singer, Guillem Haro, said it was a special night as he was turning 28 today. So in the middle of their awesome encore covering hits from the 1960s to the 2000ss, he was surprised with a cake as the clock indicated midnight.

The cherry on top of a perfect night.

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