Micah P. Hinson in Barcelona

micah p hinson Barcelona

Last saturday the histrionic folk singer Micah P. Hinson performed a show at Razzmatazz in Barcelona. It was definitely not a usual performance. There was absolutely no doubt about the quality of the show, you can tell he has confidence on stage and his voice and his band’s sound was really good.

However, I must say I won’t remember this concert only because of his music, but maybe more because of his attitude and behavior. As soon as the show started he began to ask to increase the vocals while singing, and he kept on repeating that all through the show. He is a perfectionist, and he won’t doubt to tell what he doesn’t seem right.

micah p hinson Barcelona

The whole show took place at a very slow pace, and very quietly. I was afraid to sing along. At some point when he had already started to play a new song, and some part of the audience was still discussing, he suddenly stopped and said “There is something I never understood. Why people pay to talk to their friends? I don’t know how much you paid for the ticket all I know is that none of my friends are worth a dime to talk to.”

At this point something very awkward happened. A girl from the audience that was obviously intoxicated who had been shouting like crazy asked:
-“Then why are you here?”
– “Why am I here?… ” He replied a little bit shocked and started to explain that some part of the audience though it was worth seeing him live. Then he changed his mind and stated that in his contract there was nothing saying he had to f** justify himself. It was all very tense, and everyone wanted that girl to disappear. I felt sad that he might remember his show in Barcelona because of that stupid drunk girl.

But that wasn’t all unfortunately… In two different occasions when he was trying to start with a song he kept looking at the drummer like waiting for him to perform in the right way. He even said: “Hello?, one, two, one , two…” it was painful to see the drummers expression trying to smile and do his best when he was being humiliated.

When the time of the band members presentations came, he only introduced the bass and guitar player completely forgetting the drummer (who was next) and the violin player… It was sad and awkward.

I won’t complain about the set list he played all my favorites, especially Beneath The Rose and he performed an encore playing This land is your land from Woody Guthrie alone with his guitar and away from the microphone. It was beautiful and intense.

4 thoughts on “Micah P. Hinson in Barcelona

  1. Mia tiene razón, todos sus conciertos de la gira española han sido polémicos; aunque el que yo reseñé no fue en Madrid sino en Valladolid.

    Mia’s right, Micah’s spanish tour’s being a bit of a mess and intendedly controversial. However my review was about a gig which took place in Valladolid.


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