Getting lost in Zurich

is one of these cities I personally didn’t know much about. Until a friend invited me over some weeks ago, I had never though about traveling there. I actually was unable to find any Zurich city guide in Barcelona, not even at the airport. Luckily, it’s very easy getting around it, even if you don’t speak Swiss German ( mostly everyone speaks perfect English).

All the main attractions are all located around the river Limmat, in the old town. I won’t lie, there are touristic shops and restaurants, but I highly recommend getting lost around the narrow alleys and streets. You will find lovely little shops, with beautiful displays ( this would actually could become another post), and I even felt it would be awesome to live there for a while. I was lucky with the weather, it was far from cold and sunny most part of the day. I guess during winter time I wouldn’t think this way though…

Old style buildings, clean streets (I was surprise I couldn’t see a single homeless person, maybe in Barcelona we’re unfortunately too used to them, as if they had become part of the landscape…) and awesome views to the lake.

Zurich lake

Zurich lake


If you’re ever going to Zurich, don’t forget to go up the University right in the old town, where you will enjoy  awesome views of the whole city.


Since it was Autumn, I could see the leaves turning red, it was a beautiful scenery, even if not comparable to the japanese Koyo.


At night, try to bring some bread around with you, so you’ll be able to feed the swans from the river.

Swans Zurich

I was surprised to see this giant chess game, apparently it’s a tradition coming from France.

Zurich chess

Little swiss kids all wrapped up warm in colourful clothes

Kids in Zurich

I had also the chance to visit the countryside, feeling like Heidi among cows and ponies.

Swiss cows


I definately hope to go back to Switzerland, and that this post made you think about traveling there too!

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