Images of Mexico


Better late than never.

I may have taken my time to update this blog, but I wasn’t going to give up so easily! Lazyness has been my companion for too long, but today I decided it was time to shake things up.

So basically I went to Mexico after New Year’s to visit my sister and had lots of fun. I visited Riviera Maya for a week of rain and cold and then went back to Mexico City where surprisingly the weather was much better. I took some pictures, which I thought were great but ended up being just  O.K., and then decided that I wanted to show them to the world and say a few things about this amazing country that has many beautiful places to go and too much bad publicity.

Riviera Maya has lots to offer

In spite of the bad weather, the views and landscape in Riviera Maya were like paradise. When in Yucatán, relax in your hotel, visit the ruins of Cobá, Tulúm or Chichén Itzá, swim admist fish in a cenote, take a boat to Isla Mujeres and if you have extra time and money, go to a park like Xcaret.

mexico maya koba riviera maya

Swimming pool in front of the Caribbean see in Riviera Maya

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Universal children’s day around the world

Over the course of my trips I like to take pictures, not only of the main attractions, but also of locals and their way of life. To celebrate the Universal Children’s Day I’ve made a selection of some of my travel photos where kids are the main characters.

Miyazima (Japan)

One of the places I highly recommend you to visit is the beautiful island of Miyajima in Japan. There’s a a Torii Gate that seams to float on the water when tides are high, and when they are low you can approach it by foot. You can see its red reflection in the background and the little kid playing with sand and water.

japan kid miyajima

Atlas (Morocco)

When we travelled to Marrakech in 2011 with my family we made a trip to the mountains of Atlas. It was like a trip in time seeing those kids playing with toys from my grand parent’s time.

kids in morocco atlas

Jardins du Luxembourg (Paris)

While visiting my sister in Paris last year, I took my camera and went for a walk in the beautiful gardens of Luxembourg. In the pond it was possible for kids to rent little boats and let them float away,

kid paris little boat

Nara (Japan)

Again in Japan we met this group of cute schoolkids visiting Nara in front of its Buddhist temple.

school kid japan nara

Poblesec (Barcelona)

Correfocs are very popular in the Catalan tradition, it consists of a group of Diables ( Devils) lighting fireworks and dancing. I had never seen such a young and proud diable before!

kid in barcelona correfoc

Hope you enjoyed those pictures, have a great day!

Getting lost in Zurich

is one of these cities I personally didn’t know much about. Until a friend invited me over some weeks ago, I had never though about traveling there. I actually was unable to find any Zurich city guide in Barcelona, not even at the airport. Luckily, it’s very easy getting around it, even if you don’t speak Swiss German ( mostly everyone speaks perfect English).

All the main attractions are all located around the river Limmat, in the old town. I won’t lie, there are touristic shops and restaurants, but I highly recommend getting lost around the narrow alleys and streets. You will find lovely little shops, with beautiful displays ( this would actually could become another post), and I even felt it would be awesome to live there for a while. I was lucky with the weather, it was far from cold and sunny most part of the day. I guess during winter time I wouldn’t think this way though…

Old style buildings, clean streets (I was surprise I couldn’t see a single homeless person, maybe in Barcelona we’re unfortunately too used to them, as if they had become part of the landscape…) and awesome views to the lake.

Zurich lake

Zurich lake


If you’re ever going to Zurich, don’t forget to go up the University right in the old town, where you will enjoy  awesome views of the whole city.


Since it was Autumn, I could see the leaves turning red, it was a beautiful scenery, even if not comparable to the japanese Koyo.



Instagram-free travel pictures

It’s been one the latest biggest news in Social Media: Instagram releases an Android version and gets bought by Facebook for zillions.

I reckon some time ago I said I envied those Instagram people, but that I had found substitute in the Retrocamera App, especially its Xolaroid filter. And I still use it. Some weeks ago I traveled to the Canary Islands with my family and took this shot from the beach.Tenerife Abama hotel beach

I love the vintage look of it, like a 70’s family vacation picture.

However, some time before they released the Android version, I had already downloaded a bigger and better substitute for Instagram: Streamzoo. This App allows you to change the shape, colors, focus, filters etc. You can add #hastags in the description just like twitter and follow users and tags. I don’t think I’m missing anything special about Instagram, apart from the number of users I guess.

You can see some examples below:

Colorful Koi Fish


Invisible Maps of Barcelona

View of Barcelona

The other day I participated in a workshop of a project called Invisible Maps. The purpose of this project is to record some information of a place, shop, bar etc. of the city in a QR code to be pasted at a specific location. This way, a passenger by will be able to access this information by reading the QR code on his or her smartphone. A sort of invisible map , a gateway to a story behind some walls.

When asked about memories of a special place in Barcelona, my mind would inevitably travel to places I’ve shared with special people. Usually at sunset or night time, those kind of memories that come to life everytime we walk next the place, no matter how far in time they belong to. However, these kind of memories don’t have much informative value, so I went back to my younger years and found a story that could be shared.