Top 5 Passionate Music Videos

I wouldn’t say I hate Valentine’s day, it’s not like it bothers me to see all those lovey-dovey couples holding hands et les yeux dans les yeux.  It used to annoy me when I was younger, it’s true. But as a friend said the other day, I am not looking for my half orange, or better half as we say in Spanish, I am a full orange myself.

There shouldn’t be a day in the calendar for lovers. We should be able to show passion, offer meaningful gifts (not heart-sized pies or chocolate boxes) and tell how wonderful others are any day of the year for no reason at all.

That said, here’s my Valentine’s post with a personal Top 5 Passionate Music Videos from all time!

1. Alegrías del Incendio– by Los Planetas

From time to time I spend a whole day listening to this song on repeat. The video is simply amazing, as hot as the title “Joys of fire”. I rather not spoil it, just see yourselves:

And you, have you ever felt like burning inside just by getting close to anyone?