Follow the red balloon path in Barcelona

On my way home yesterday I decided to go through la plaça Sant Jaume challenging the tourists crowds that often take on Barcelona’s Gothic quarter. Fortunately, the square was not crowded, however something caught my attention immediately: a series of red balloons randomly scattered around.

barcelona red balloon sant jaume

Everybody seemed to wonder what they represented and who had placed them there, (even the police, who after checking one of them decided they were no harm to anybody).

barcelona red balloon gothic quarter

The image was beautiful and soon I discovered that there was a red balloon path going up Sant Honorat street and followed it.

barcelona landscape red balloon

I didn’t have to wait long to find out about the responsible of the installation as at the crossroad with Sant Domènech del Call I noticed two girls dropping some balloons. They told me they were from BCNLandscape a platform uniting several architects and environmentalists working on different types of projects all related to landscape.

barcelona red balloons gothic quarter

I kept following the path that ended up at Plaça Sant Felip Neri. There I couldn’t help but smile at the views of school kids on their lunchbreak holding a red balloon and running around the square. There was some kind of magic in it, something so simple as a balloon can still catch the attention of kids and make them happy. A little victory over our technology dominated world.

barcelona red balloon sant felip neri kids

In the end I didn’t find out what was exactly the purpose of this action, but like many pieces of art, it’s better not to ask why and just enjoy the beauty in it.

What do you think?


“Cinema a la Fresca” in Barcelona

 montjuic barcelona cinema
One of the main attractions in Barcelona consists in visiting the Montjuïc mountain. Home of the Olympic stadium and swimming pool as well as the Miro Foundation, Montjuïc is a must see for any Barcelona visitor.

Every year an outdoor cinema season (Cinema a la Fresca ) is organised at Montjuïc Castle at the top of the mountain. Showing a selection of all time classics and recently acclaimed films, there’s always a chance one of the movies might be in your to do’s list.

Or maybe you have already seen the movie and you just want to enjoy the experience of a picnic in a great surroundings, with some live music and a short film screening before the actual movie starts.

Reaching its 11th edition this year, I am quite ashamed to confess that this passed Monday was my first time at Cinema a la Fresca. There were several reasons that made me finally go. First, I found a meet up group that organized a meeting and it seemed the perfect place to meet foreigners and locals and share the experience. The second reason was that they were showing “Drive” which I really wanted to see.

open air cinema barcelona

So there I went with the group and we all enjoyed sharing food and life experiences ( What’s your name?-where are you from? -how long are you staying in Barcelona? – oh! you’re a local? -and so on…), and at 10 p.m. the show started.

The introduction of the movie with its magnetic soundtrack was promising and I almost understood all the Ryan Gosling frenzy among my girlfriends. Who’s that man with such self -control? Does he lead a double life?

cinema a la fresca barcelona

However, as the movie went on, I realized my questions would remain unanswered as the main point of the film was not to portray the secrets and complicated personality of a taciturn character. I didn’t find the plot specially clever or original either but, I must admit the music and shooting blend perfectly together.

In spite of my slight disappointment in the film, I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommend this summer outdoor recreation to anyone! Make sure to check the agenda!



Shugo Tokumaru live in Barcelona 2013


I discovered Shogu a couple of years ago via 8tracks, someone had included his cheerful and uplifting Lahaha in a mix and it  just blew my mind. One doesn’t need to understand the lyrics to get carried away by the sound produced by a myriad of  different instruments used, the pace of the rythm leading to a growing momentum and the sweet sound of his voice on top of it all.

So when I heard he was playing at sala [2] in Barcelona I knew it was gonna be a great Friday night.

The show started with a chipper Fanny Roz playing barefoot and inviting the audience to become part of the show. Born in France but signed up in Catalan label Bcore, she sang and played beautifully, telling different stories on every song.


It was then the turn of Shugo Tokumaru and his 2 member band: a motivated drummer with a soothing smile radiating passion and happiness and an extremely talented girl who would play a dozen of instruments such as accordion, keyboard, xylophone, flute, woodblocks, chimes and even a puppet!

shugo tokumaru barcelona 2013

Shugo, who also performed barefoot, and his band played some of the new songs from In Focus such as Katachi or Decorate and previous hits such as Lahaha or Laminate. The connivance with the audience was obvious and when he grabbed an ukelele and started playing the first notes of Video Killed The Radio Stars it all became a sing-along ensemble.

I took a video of the show, even if the sound is not perfect, it will give you an idea of the positive energy and general state of happiness that could be felt during the show.

If you have the chance go see Shugo live!


Fresh Feeling in Barcelona – The Eels Concert

eels barcelona 2013

Last Saturday 27th April 2013, five guys dressed up in an Adidas tracksuit, dark sunglasses and mandatory beards performed a master class on how concerts should be. Lead by genious Mark Oliver Everett, aka Mr. E, the band from California landed in sala Barts with an energizing rocking mood, ready to overwhelm the audience with a series of fast tracks, some great classics, many of jokes mixed with signs of affection and commitment. But most of all that fresh, fresh feeling.

mister E barcelona Eels 2013

If you’ve heard a little bit about the band you’ll know that every tour is different and for the presentation of the latest album “Wonderful, Glorious“, maybe not the best but definitely a good one, Mr E and his musketeers chose to rock the house!

eels concert


You can check the set list here, but the most important thing about the show wasn’t which songs from their endless repertoire they played, but the energy they put in it. After reading “Things the grandchildren should know” I just don’t get how Mark Oliver Everett is able to transmit such powerful positive feelings when playing. I was left with a “Life is worth living” feeling.

mark oliver everett barcelona 2013

 Eels has been one of favourite bands since I discovered Beautiful Freaks back in the old days. Since then I have been mesmerized by Mr. E’s talent. Dreaming about this someone who is able to tell you “One day the world will be ready for you -And wonder how they didn’t see”. KEEP ON READING

Opening Max&Co Barcelona Flagship Store

To see and to be seen. That was the main concern of most of the fashionistas, it-girls, models, photographers, bloggers and designers who attended the opening of the brand new flag store in Barcelona of Max&Co, the young fashion brand from Max Mara company, last Thursday April, 11.

Invited by my long-time friend Tatel Velásquez from TrendyCrew, there I went not knowing what to expect really. The first impression was good. A two storeys store, with a retro and well-cared decoration, colorful outfits, mirrors everywhere and elegant waiters carrying healthy fresh fruit juices and cava.

maxandco barcelona opening

View from the stairs

max and co barcelona

The store is full of mirrors and lively colors

Not knowing much about the brand, I enjoyed the color spectrum and feminine style of the designs hanging around the store. Simple, but well-cared of, a collection made to enhance a woman’s figure with a retro yet fresh touch.

Pale pink is in vogue this spring/ summer

Pale pink is in vogue this spring/ summer

max and co barcelona

Showing some heel

However, as the time passed by and Barcelona’s beautiful people started to show up, it became obvious to me that no one was really interested in the displayed goods. It was a matter of showing leg, heels, Hermès bags, colorful hats and so on.

Hello, Hermès bag!

Hello, Hermès bag!

And then I realised how lucky I am, not living under the fashion tyranny. Of course I like fashion and trends (who lives unaffected by them?) but it would never occur to me to wear something so that others could recognise the brand or designer behind it.

Fashion is fun, and a way to express one’s personality, but I believe I wear what I like, not what I want others to see on me.

What do you think? Am I wrong to think I have more freedom just because I don’t take fashion and my day to day outfit too seriously? FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT