The bright side of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava

Lloret de mar coast in costa brava

In terms of reputation, Lloret de Mar has definitely some work to do. What used to be a picturesque village in the southern part of the beautiful Costa Brava, has turned over the years into a popular destination among European youngsters looking for sun, beach and most of all fiesta. In fact, it’s quite common to describe as “Lloret tourism” all those low cost travelers who are only looking to get drunk and make party all night long (and who often provoke quarrels).

Fortunately not all of the town’s coast was ruined by tall hotel buildings looking to host as many tourists as possible. Sa caleta cove for instance still preserves some charm with all the fisherman’s boats.

Sa caleta Lloret de mar costa brava

The seaside path starting from this small bay offers what I consider some privileged views from the Mediterranean coast. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, judge yourself 🙂


sa caleta lloret de mar costa brava

lloret de mar costa brava

lloret de mar costa brava view

Has the image you had of Lloret de Mar changed by these pictures?

Getting lost in Zurich

is one of these cities I personally didn’t know much about. Until a friend invited me over some weeks ago, I had never though about traveling there. I actually was unable to find any Zurich city guide in Barcelona, not even at the airport. Luckily, it’s very easy getting around it, even if you don’t speak Swiss German ( mostly everyone speaks perfect English).

All the main attractions are all located around the river Limmat, in the old town. I won’t lie, there are touristic shops and restaurants, but I highly recommend getting lost around the narrow alleys and streets. You will find lovely little shops, with beautiful displays ( this would actually could become another post), and I even felt it would be awesome to live there for a while. I was lucky with the weather, it was far from cold and sunny most part of the day. I guess during winter time I wouldn’t think this way though…

Old style buildings, clean streets (I was surprise I couldn’t see a single homeless person, maybe in Barcelona we’re unfortunately too used to them, as if they had become part of the landscape…) and awesome views to the lake.

Zurich lake

Zurich lake


If you’re ever going to Zurich, don’t forget to go up the University right in the old town, where you will enjoy  awesome views of the whole city.


Since it was Autumn, I could see the leaves turning red, it was a beautiful scenery, even if not comparable to the japanese Koyo.



Rock en Seine 2012: Sunday’s review and pictures

Rock en Seine 2012

Last Sunday, 26th of August I went for the first time to the Rock en Seine Festival in Paris. I have been to other big festivals before and I have to say that the ambiance and organisation were really good. No stress, very few pushes around, large spaces to lay down under the sun, lots of families with kids, some funny costumes and great bands such as Passion Pit, The Dandy Warhols, Foster The People or Green day.

The Festival is located by the river Seine (Iguess this comes with no surprise), and the views when approaching the showground were beautiful.

Rock en Seine

This year’s poster design was inspired by vintage circus characters, and all the atmosphere from the big wheel to the candy stalls and the special exhibition were related to that topic. It was like being in a village fair.

Candy at Rock en SeineRock en Seine 2012 poster

My intention was to see Bombay Bicycle Club first of all, but they were playing way too early (3 p.m.) and by the time we got there we were only able to hear Shuffle (which is my favourite song, so it wasn’t that bad).

Passion pit rock en Seine

Later we headed to the other side of the festival to see Passion Pit and were lucky enough to be in the first row! I really liked their album “Manners” and was afraid to be disappointed by their live performance, but though the sound wasn’t perfect, the singer, Michael Angelakos was full of energy and we really enjoyed their performance singing along as loudly as possible. The climax came with their last song Little Secrets when the audience went higher and higher and higher…

We then headed to the main stage to hear the end of The Dandy Warhols‘ show. You could tell those guys have years of experience, the sound was fantastic and Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s deep voice had a soothing effect while laying down on the grass.

Foster The People Rock en Seine

And after some waiting time, fighting our way through hordes of late teens, finally came Foster The People!! By far the best show of the festival. They managed to light up the crowd with a series of hits one after the other Helena Beat, Call It What You Want, Houdini… And the finale Pumped Up Kids accompanied by a white confetti rain and an electronic remix that made everyone jump like crazy.

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Summertime by the sea in Barcelona

Marbella beach Barcelona

Usually I get a “How lucky!” as a response whenever I travel around and I’m asked where I’m from. Yes, I’m from Barcelona. I was born here and, a part from the short periods of time where I’ve lived abroad, I’ve always lived here. In the city.

Now we celebrate that 20 years ago the Olympics came to Barcelona. Though I was pretty young I remember being absolutely enthused by the occasion. Had the chance to attend the Opening ceremony and went to see some competitions ( I was kind of obsessed with Carl Lewis at the time and my father brought me to see a race. However, everything happened so fast I couldn’t really understand what was going on…).

The Olympics represented the opening of Barcelona to the World. They put the city on the map and since then its international popularity hasn’t stop increasing. One of the most important things were the improvements made to the coast and beaches and the creation of “La Villa Olímpica”.

Nowadays it’s impossible to conceive the landscape of the city without all these constructions and all the different beaches that mark its seaboard. Let’s take a look :

Barcelona Port Vell

Barcelona Port Vell

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach Avenue


Barceloneta Beach

Bicing Station

Barceloneta Bicing Station


Postcards from Paris

Paris in Spring is cloudy, quite cold and wet. Yet it’s colourful, lively and vraiment très joli, Paris is always beautiful no matter what time of the year. Wandering around Le Marais on a Sunday morning, discovering hidden student pubs around la Sorbonne, getting to the rooftop of the Centre Pompidou…

Cause an image is worth a thousands words, voici some not-quite-touristic Paris postcards:

Printemps display

Patisserie Marais

Paris Maccarrons

Paris Home