Barcelona free concerts: La Milagrossa

Milagrossa barcelonaIn spite of Barcelona’s city council more and more restrictive permits, there are still a bunch of little bars and venues in the city where you can enjoy some good live music. In fact, more than this, there are a bunch of places where you can watch good local or foreign bands for FREE.

Gracia neighborhood houses many cafes and bars that present weekly live music concerts at night time. One of them is La Milagrosa in Torrents de les Flors street. Offering, apparently delicious, Argentinean specialties daytime, every Sunday they organize the You Fucking Hippies sessions, supporting local bands.

The place is originally decorated with a modern Virgin Mary wearing trainers icon and vintage posters on the walls. It’s maybe too narrow to host a multitude, however the acoustics are perfect for a small music show.  If you’re in Barcelona on a boring Sunday evening, here’s an alternative of lazing around on the couch.

Last Sunday we enjoyed a show from the indescribable Gabriel Y Vencerás ( literally Gabriel and you will win) band. Their music transmits energy and good vibe and their performance was great, making up some little technical problems with a good deal of humor and straightforward manners. They were presenting some of their new songs, which unfortunately are not edited yet, blending up-tempo tunes with a touch of  epic atmosphere, a band not too miss!

 Here are some pictures I took during the show:

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Rock en Seine 2012: Sunday’s review and pictures

Rock en Seine 2012

Last Sunday, 26th of August I went for the first time to the Rock en Seine Festival in Paris. I have been to other big festivals before and I have to say that the ambiance and organisation were really good. No stress, very few pushes around, large spaces to lay down under the sun, lots of families with kids, some funny costumes and great bands such as Passion Pit, The Dandy Warhols, Foster The People or Green day.

The Festival is located by the river Seine (Iguess this comes with no surprise), and the views when approaching the showground were beautiful.

Rock en Seine

This year’s poster design was inspired by vintage circus characters, and all the atmosphere from the big wheel to the candy stalls and the special exhibition were related to that topic. It was like being in a village fair.

Candy at Rock en SeineRock en Seine 2012 poster

My intention was to see Bombay Bicycle Club first of all, but they were playing way too early (3 p.m.) and by the time we got there we were only able to hear Shuffle (which is my favourite song, so it wasn’t that bad).

Passion pit rock en Seine

Later we headed to the other side of the festival to see Passion Pit and were lucky enough to be in the first row! I really liked their album “Manners” and was afraid to be disappointed by their live performance, but though the sound wasn’t perfect, the singer, Michael Angelakos was full of energy and we really enjoyed their performance singing along as loudly as possible. The climax came with their last song Little Secrets when the audience went higher and higher and higher…

We then headed to the main stage to hear the end of The Dandy Warhols‘ show. You could tell those guys have years of experience, the sound was fantastic and Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s deep voice had a soothing effect while laying down on the grass.

Foster The People Rock en Seine

And after some waiting time, fighting our way through hordes of late teens, finally came Foster The People!! By far the best show of the festival. They managed to light up the crowd with a series of hits one after the other Helena Beat, Call It What You Want, Houdini… And the finale Pumped Up Kids accompanied by a white confetti rain and an electronic remix that made everyone jump like crazy.

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Top 5 Passionate Music Videos

I wouldn’t say I hate Valentine’s day, it’s not like it bothers me to see all those lovey-dovey couples holding hands et les yeux dans les yeux.  It used to annoy me when I was younger, it’s true. But as a friend said the other day, I am not looking for my half orange, or better half as we say in Spanish, I am a full orange myself.

There shouldn’t be a day in the calendar for lovers. We should be able to show passion, offer meaningful gifts (not heart-sized pies or chocolate boxes) and tell how wonderful others are any day of the year for no reason at all.

That said, here’s my Valentine’s post with a personal Top 5 Passionate Music Videos from all time!

1. Alegrías del Incendio– by Los Planetas

From time to time I spend a whole day listening to this song on repeat. The video is simply amazing, as hot as the title “Joys of fire”. I rather not spoil it, just see yourselves:

And you, have you ever felt like burning inside just by getting close to anyone?