Top 5 Passionate Music Videos

I wouldn’t say I hate Valentine’s day, it’s not like it bothers me to see all those lovey-dovey couples holding hands et les yeux dans les yeux.  It used to annoy me when I was younger, it’s true. But as a friend said the other day, I am not looking for my half orange, or better half as we say in Spanish, I am a full orange myself.

There shouldn’t be a day in the calendar for lovers. We should be able to show passion, offer meaningful gifts (not heart-sized pies or chocolate boxes) and tell how wonderful others are any day of the year for no reason at all.

That said, here’s my Valentine’s post with a personal Top 5 Passionate Music Videos from all time!

1. Alegrías del Incendio– by Los Planetas

From time to time I spend a whole day listening to this song on repeat. The video is simply amazing, as hot as the title “Joys of fire”. I rather not spoil it, just see yourselves:

And you, have you ever felt like burning inside just by getting close to anyone?


Barcelona Movie Theatres: Cinema Maldà

Cinema Maldà Barcelona

We’ve all heard that sory again and again: the local cinema production has nothing to do against Hollywood and blockbuster films. The same story goes for the local, historical movie theatres: the big multiplexes will soon take over.

Somehow Cinema Maldà has struggled to survive in this red ocean of movie theatres, not without a fight, programming independent cinema and not-so-new Hollywood films. For those who know London well, think Prince Charles Cinema with a less fancy auditorium.

The place, which for a short period of time became the first Bollywood movie theatre in the city, is also the venue of some the movie festivals, at the moment showing films from L’ Alternativa. Located in Carrer del Pi, 5 it’s like an oasis in the middle of the Barcelona’s shopping frenzy.

What else about this movie theatre?…