Paris for the recurring traveler – Day 1

I’ve been to la Ville de l’Amour a few times, visited different areas, seen the main attractions as well as not so well known neighborhoods, but maybe not enough time to just live the city and make it my own.

Taking advantage of my sister’s hospitality I went back in the beginnings of November for 5 days. And it made such a difference! Maybe it was the sun that accompanied me during most of my journey, maybe it was a more open and carefree mindset or maybe it just was that – and please forgive my cheesiness-  Paris is probably the most beautiful city in the world. Period.

So, if like me, you’ve visited the capital of France more than once, let me share with you some of the routes I took wandering around the city. We’ll start with the fancy 5ème arrondissement, on the left side of the Seine.

Day 1- 5ème: Jardin des plantes, Mosquée de Paris, Rue Mouffetard, Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

Jardin des plantes  Panthéon

So this time I decided to visit the Jardin des Plantes by Gare d’Austerlitz metro station encouraged by a friend.

November might not be the best time of the year to visit the main botanical garden in France as there were few flowers, however it was possible to spot some red and yellow leaves which also has its own charm. And, of course, walking alongside trees and nature is always soothing.

Jardins des plantes Paris

Smaller and less majestic than Jardins du Luxembourg, the garden is still worth visiting, especially if you are a botany lover. Entry is free except for Les Grandes Serres, which houses examples of biodiversity in different areas of the world and a small Zoo.

jardins des plantes Paris

After a nice wander around the park, I headed towards the Café de la Mosquée de Paris for a refreshing green tea with mint ( for only 2€!!!) in the terrace.

Cafe mosquee de paris

The decor is a traditional North African setting with beautiful mosaics that took me back to Marrakech.

cafe mosquee de paris mosaic

The cafe also serves traditional pastries and full meals on the inside. The clientele consists of both tourists and young people seeking a cafe “branché” for a date. It was a great surprise, make sure to pay a visit during your next Paris trip!

cafe de la mosquee de paris

The building of the Mosquée de Paris and the Institut Musulman is also worth taking a look at.

mosquee de paris
From there I continued my way towards the Panthéon taking the lively and old Rue Mouffetard up until the Place de la Contrescarpe, one of my favourites squares in Paris.

place de la contrescarpe

place de la contrescarpe
I then continued my way along the Rue Clovis passing the prestigious Lycée Henri IV towards the church Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont which I hadn’t visited yet. Maybe it doesn’t draw much of attention from the outside, but once inside its beauty definitely reaches you. What I most liked was its light, we’re not talking about a grim and dispiriting temple, but an enlightening one.

Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

Hope you enjoyed my little walking route around the 5ème arrondissement!

I’m gonna let you finish the visit now, many options are possible from here: the Panthéon, la Sorbonne, le Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame… Choose your Own Adventure!

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