Images of Mexico


Better late than never.

I may have taken my time to update this blog, but I wasn’t going to give up so easily! Lazyness has been my companion for too long, but today I decided it was time to shake things up.

So basically I went to Mexico after New Year’s to visit my sister and had lots of fun. I visited Riviera Maya for a week of rain and cold and then went back to Mexico City where surprisingly the weather was much better. I took some pictures, which I thought were great but ended up being just  O.K., and then decided that I wanted to show them to the world and say a few things about this amazing country that has many beautiful places to go and too much bad publicity.

Riviera Maya has lots to offer

In spite of the bad weather, the views and landscape in Riviera Maya were like paradise. When in Yucatán, relax in your hotel, visit the ruins of Cobá, Tulúm or Chichén Itzá, swim admist fish in a cenote, take a boat to Isla Mujeres and if you have extra time and money, go to a park like Xcaret.

mexico maya koba riviera maya

Swimming pool in front of the Caribbean see in Riviera Maya

mexico coba ruins

The main pyramid in the Cobá ruins

puerto de cancún harbor mexico

Boats at Cancún Harbor on a grey day

Isla Mujeres tortugario turtle mexico

Turtle in Isla Mujeres

cenote yucatán mexico

One of the biggest cenotes in Yucatán

Mexico City is beautiful and not scary

Before my sister went to Mexico City, my image of the city was of a huge chaotic dangerous place. She’d already told me that in fact there are many different Mexicos and when I got there I enjoyed discovering the posh Polanco, the hipster Roma, the bohemian Coyoacán, the picturesque city centre…

When in Mexico City you must absolutely visit the Teotihuacán ruins, the Frida Kahlo House in Coyoacán, the main square “el Zócalo“, the top of la Torre Latinoamericana (just before sunset) and get lost in the different neighborhoods (ok, maybe not all of them, try the ones I mentioned earlier).

house in polanco mexico city

One of the elegant and traditional houses in Polanco

mexico city zocalo

Looking for a job in el Zócalo

mexico teotihuacan

The Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacán (views from the Moon Pyramid)

mexico city views

Views from the Torre Latinoamericana before sunset

mexico views vistas df

Views from the Torre Latinoamericana after the sunset

Voilà some images of Mexico. There are of course many more things to see in that big and surprising country and I hope this small post makes you want to visit Mexico and discover them by yourself.


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