Opening Max&Co Barcelona Flagship Store

To see and to be seen. That was the main concern of most of the fashionistas, it-girls, models, photographers, bloggers and designers who attended the opening of the brand new flag store in Barcelona of Max&Co, the young fashion brand from Max Mara company, last Thursday April, 11.

Invited by my long-time friend Tatel Velásquez from TrendyCrew, there I went not knowing what to expect really. The first impression was good. A two storeys store, with a retro and well-cared decoration, colorful outfits, mirrors everywhere and elegant waiters carrying healthy fresh fruit juices and cava.

maxandco barcelona opening

View from the stairs

max and co barcelona

The store is full of mirrors and lively colors

Not knowing much about the brand, I enjoyed the color spectrum and feminine style of the designs hanging around the store. Simple, but well-cared of, a collection made to enhance a woman’s figure with a retro yet fresh touch.

Pale pink is in vogue this spring/ summer

Pale pink is in vogue this spring/ summer

max and co barcelona

Showing some heel

However, as the time passed by and Barcelona’s beautiful people started to show up, it became obvious to me that no one was really interested in the displayed goods. It was a matter of showing leg, heels, Hermès bags, colorful hats and so on.

Hello, Hermès bag!

Hello, Hermès bag!

And then I realised how lucky I am, not living under the fashion tyranny. Of course I like fashion and trends (who lives unaffected by them?) but it would never occur to me to wear something so that others could recognise the brand or designer behind it.

Fashion is fun, and a way to express one’s personality, but I believe I wear what I like, not what I want others to see on me.

What do you think? Am I wrong to think I have more freedom just because I don’t take fashion and my day to day outfit too seriously?

max and co

Sporty look and cocktails

max&co barcelona dj

I have to admit the music was pretty good

max and co barcelona

Not everyone was having the time of their lives.


My friend Tatel from trendy Crew, looking fabulous as always.


Looking good at any age.

2 thoughts on “Opening Max&Co Barcelona Flagship Store

  1. Hey Hana!

    It’s an interesting point you’re raising here – the fashion tyranny. All the blogs and interviews that I have read of people who work in the fashion industry (especially editors / writers / interns) really make it sound like whole thing is extremely VICIOUS. People feel the need of having to turn up for work always wearing the very last trends and polished head to toe not to lose the respect of their coworkers/peers (ps. see “The Devil Wears Prada” or “The September Issue”. Like, really).

    Honestly, I’d rather be a scrub and wear whatever and have FUN with it – even when that means having / and having had many mishaps where the Fashion Police could have arrested me for life. Fashion is cool as long as it’s fun, not an anxiety-provoking heart-renching live-or-die apparatus to make women feel even more inadequate within society than it is already.

    There ya go. My 2 cents. 😉


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