Once in a lifetime

Some months ago I participated as an extra for the shooting of a commercial of BASE, a phone company from Belgium (by chance, the same company I was using during my Erasmus student exchange program in Ghent).

They chose a wide square in the outskirts of Barcelona and filled it up with white balloons. We were all spread accros the square and had to be extremely careful not to touch the balloons or they could get loose. The scene was beautiful and as we had to use our mobile phones during the shooting, so I took the change to take some photos.

The main point of the commercial was that all the balloons had to be set free at the same time. So there was only one possible shot, no second chances.

Just as some things only happen once in a lifetime. Thinking about the best times I’ve had this past year, I recall I wasn’t thinking about the past or future, I was just enjoying the present moment. For the upcoming year I just wish I can be more present and take any chances that might come!

Here are some pictures I took and how the commercial looked in the end, hope you like it!

balloon photo

barcelona balloons

balloon commercial


white balloons

balloons in the air

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