Summertime by the sea in Barcelona

Marbella beach Barcelona

Usually I get a “How lucky!” as a response whenever I travel around and I’m asked where I’m from. Yes, I’m from Barcelona. I was born here and, a part from the short periods of time where I’ve lived abroad, I’ve always lived here. In the city.

Now we celebrate that 20 years ago the Olympics came to Barcelona. Though I was pretty young I remember being absolutely enthused by the occasion. Had the chance to attend the Opening ceremony and went to see some competitions ( I was kind of obsessed with Carl Lewis at the time and my father brought me to see a race. However, everything happened so fast I couldn’t really understand what was going on…).

The Olympics represented the opening of Barcelona to the World. They put the city on the map and since then its international popularity hasn’t stop increasing. One of the most important things were the improvements made to the coast and beaches and the creation of “La Villa Olímpica”.

Nowadays it’s impossible to conceive the landscape of the city without all these constructions and all the different beaches that mark its seaboard. Let’s take a look :

Barcelona Port Vell

Barcelona Port Vell

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach Avenue


Barceloneta Beach

Bicing Station

Barceloneta Bicing Station

Party bycicle tourists

Party Bycicle Tourists in Barceloneta Beach

The Barceloneta was in the old days the neighborhood of fishermen. There are many narrow street with old constructions and delicious seafood restaurants. If you wander around you will find its authentic charm far away from the touristic areas.


Barceloneta neighbors cooling down on the street


Fixing the Paint in Barceloneta

Another area that still keeps its charm is the Poblenou neighborhood. Formerly a part of the city occupied by factories you can still find some old styled artists studios.

Poblenou studio

Poblenou Artist Studio

The Poblenou neighborhood has different beaches, one of the most popular one is Marbella beach.

Marbella beach avenue

Marbella beach avenue

Crowed Marbella beach

Crowed Marbella beach

Hope you like these shots!

And remember: whenever you come to Barcelona, don’t forget to observe the sunset by the sea!

Barcelona sunset

Barcelona Sunset

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