Stuff we learn the hard way

Ever since I was a little girl I remember feeling sad and disappointed with my friends from time to time. I’m this kind of person who acts exactly the way I feel and have never understood hypocrisy. What you see is what you get, for better or worse.

As you grow up, you start to think you might have to change your attitude towards people and start building barriers, or keep some kind of distance.

Create a protection so that every time a good friend lies to you, disappears for no reason, stops answering your texts or calls, goes away and doesn’t contact you again, starts a relationship and stops needing you or simply pretends that, what you thought was a real friendship, never happened, it doesn’t hurt as much.

Here’s an abstract of a comic strip from one of my favourite comic artists, Alex Noriega (check his Facebook profile pictures whenever you’re feeling down), published in his blog Stuff No One Told Me ( But I Learned Anyway) that summarises it in a perfect way:

Missing Friends

The idea of this post came out from a conversation with a friend of mine some days ago, where we discussed about how unfair and painful it is that someone that was very important in your life just erases you from his or her reality.

However, I will admit that though I still feel this way sometimes, I am geniunely happy with my friend situation right now. Surely I’ve lost touch with some people ( especially since I left Facebook), but now I’m certain that whoever despises my friendship simply doesn’t deserve it.

There are still a lot pf people out there to meet, and though they might hurt or leave, that shouldn’t keep me from trying.

And now for some very true facts, check a selection of some my favourite Alex Noriega’s cartoons:

Miss Today SNOTMQuality SNOTM

Salary SNOTM

Wishes SNOTM

Lives SNOTMSomewhere SNOTM

3 thoughts on “Stuff we learn the hard way

  1. Friends I think should be like your support team, which you should look after in the same way as they look after you. Anyone that is failing as part of the team is best eliminated from your life.


    • The way I see it, is more like you must take care of yourself first, cause if you don’t believe you are a worthy person then you can’t be a good friend to anyone. If people end up disappearing, they are the ones who loose a valuable friend 🙂


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