Instagram-free travel pictures

It’s been one the latest biggest news in Social Media: Instagram releases an Android version and gets bought by Facebook for zillions.

I reckon some time ago I said I envied those Instagram people, but that I had found substitute in the Retrocamera App, especially its Xolaroid filter. And I still use it. Some weeks ago I traveled to the Canary Islands with my family and took this shot from the beach.Tenerife Abama hotel beach

I love the vintage look of it, like a 70’s family vacation picture.

However, some time before they released the Android version, I had already downloaded a bigger and better substitute for Instagram: Streamzoo. This App allows you to change the shape, colors, focus, filters etc. You can add #hastags in the description just like twitter and follow users and tags. I don’t think I’m missing anything special about Instagram, apart from the number of users I guess.

You can see some examples below:

Colorful Koi Fish

See how you can enhance your pictures with just a few clicks:
Flower Tree


See my complete slideshow

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