Spring displays

Spring is the season of awakening. The start of life after the cold and sleepy winter. Most of trees had lost their leaves and most of plants its flowers in the past months. For us as well, things that had flourished in the past year may be lost. However, inevitably, each year the good weather returns bringing new leaves and flowers. We might not understand it now, but something for sure is starting within us.

Let’s fill this spring with colour and may all the shop spring displays be joyful and cute!

Pink Spring Display

Spring flower display

Purple shop display

Green garden spring display

Plant Spring Display

This past winter hasn’t probably been one of the most positive, encouraging and bright times of my existence. It’s been harsh. But as the cherry trees start blooming and the shop displays change their gray colours to pink and yellow, I’m starting to wake up from my hibernation.

Somebody said to me earlier today that I looked much better than the past weeks. That she could see colour in my cheeks which was a sign of recovery, the start of something.

let the ghosts sleep, just shut your eyes and burn the past away…

Burn the past away

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