Nostalgia versus Me

I promised I’d write about him. One of the warmest hearts I’ve never encountered I said.

After several attemps of writing something that made sense, something that could give an insight about his life and works and not being superfluous, shallow or even melodramatic, I’ve decided I’m just gonna picture his writings.

As an introduction I will explain that Roberto Fernández fought several diseases during his life that could have moved him away from reality and society. However, the image I have from him is an open, friendly person, always with a smile ready. He had many good friends, experienced love and turned all the pain and struggles into art. He created many beautiful things. Here you can find his blog (in Spanish) where you can see some of his paintings and poems.

I’ve chosen some extracts of his book “Nostalgia versu yo” ( Nostalgia versus me) and illustrated them with some of my pictures from Chili ( I’ve recovered some of them in an old memory card!!). Somehow I can relate to the story behind those lines.

Nostalgia versus yo - Valparaíso

"The world doesn't turn as much as I yearn for."

Nostalvia versus yo - Desierto Atacama

'a thousand pieces puzzle I don't want to assemble. I'm content with finding one that fits together with yours."

Nostalgia versus yo - Atacama

"Why look at where everybody's looking? There are many paths. Some of them dance on their own."

Nostalgia versus yo - Cerro Bellavista

"The opened windows let out arguments, pantings and other secrets"

Nostalgia versus yo - Atacama - Chile

" A green paradise where I can blow the evils in my soul and escape towards the laughter of awakening"

Nostalgia versus yo - Desierto Atacama

"Through passageways of the labyrinth I raise my smile"

Looking back at those pictures I so wanna travel around again, experience new things, meet new people, get lost, live.

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia versus Me

    • I highly recomend to visit Valaparaíso and the North, the Atacama desert. People also do the North of Chili and then a partof Peru and Bolivia which apparently is incredibly beautiful!


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