All those moments will be lost in time…

You’ve read it in books, magazines, wall paintings and tacky Power Points presentations: it’s so much worse to regret things we didn’t do than things we did.

I’m gonna create Flickr albums of all my trips, I’m gonna print some pictures to hang them on the walls, I’m gonna do back-ups of my external hard drive and put archives in dvds…

I was going to do so many things, could write an encyclopedia from all the to-do lists I’ve ever written. Yet, I didn’t. And now that my hard drive is dead and I lost all my pictures (like the one in my previous post) and videos from nearly 10 years ago, I regret it so much. A part of me has faded away.

I’ve seen amazing things, the desert of North Chili at day break and dawn, the results of the earthquake in Santiago and Valparaíso in February 2010, the beautiful colour changes of the australian Uluru at 5 am, the breath taking beaches of Tahiti, the surprising hot spring of Kyushu in Japan, the Starbucks-free streets from Cuba

So many unforgettable experiences that some day will be lost in time…

I’ve certainly learned the hard way and from now on I’m on a quest: find a safer storage service for all my future memories. They may not be as exotic and picturesque, may not travel to the other side of the world, may not be able to take a shot from the rooftop of the mayan pyramids in Guatemala anymore, but I will make sure I treasure those experiences and don’t let time or technology ruin them.

That said, suggestions for an inexpensive cloud storage service are very welcome!

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