Best Bathroom in the World

boca grande bathroom
The centrally situated yet quiet Passatge de la Concepció has become a sort of restaurant heaven in Barcelona. I remember going to this short passage, linking Passeig de Gracia and Rambla Catalunya, many years ago when my family and I enjoyed eating japanese cuisine at El Japonés .

Apart from the established El Japonés and Tragaluz, you can now find the chic El murmuri, the traditional Petit Comité and the one with the best bathroom in the world: Boca Grande.

You may think I’m exaggerating, it’s true, it doesn’t have a super-ultra-modern-japanese-styled toilet, but how many times have you been in a unisex bathroom with a DJ Booth in it?

best bathroom in the world

My friend and I though the place would be absolutely awesome to organise a party. We would just need to change the water for champagne and get the dancing started!

Best bathroom in the world

Champagne Fountain

The decoration of the restaurant itself is quite original and cool, the walls are packed with bottles and there’s a bar area that might remind you of a typical american pub. I say go check it out even if it’s just to have a drink at the upper level bar Boca Chica.

Food wise, the menu is based on seafood and fish though they offer (apparently good ) burgers and yummy salads as well.

Boca Grande Barcelona

  • Say yes to: Potatoes with mojo picón, xatonada, burrata and tomato salad, seafood and fish dishes, chocolate cake
  • Think twice about: wok vegatables, apple pie

boca grande barcelona

The price is not student/trainee-salary friendly but the quality is good and the service as well. For tea lovers they offer a wide range of black and green tea bags which is always nice.

Contact details:
Restaurante Boca Grande
Address: Pasaje de la concepcion 12, 08008 Barcelona
Phone: +34934675149
Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) and FGC Provença (L6, L7)

Let me know your opinion if you go!

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