The boat kid

I’m thins kind of person. I tend to start things with unstoppable energy and motivation, I constantly think of new things to do and new ways to improve what’s already done, a word, an image triggers my imagination and I picture in my head a new blog post, a new way to tell a story.

However, as routine bites hard (especially now that I have a job consisting in blog writing) and I feel I cannot dedicate as much time and energy as I’d like to, I sometimes rather stop creating than doing something halfway. This explains my silence during the past months, today I break it for good.

Some stories have to be told. Halfway maybe, not as profound or clear or original as I’d like, but they certainly deserve we remember them and tell everyone about their existence.

This is the story about one of the warmest hearts I’ve ever encountered. This is the story about Bob and the exhibition in his memory “El noi vaixell” ( The Boat Kid). (I will tell you another day about Bob the writer and artist)

Bob spent some time in 2005 at the 7th floor, 9th staircase of the psychiatric wing at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. There he met other creatures that understood him more than most of us could and encouraged him to write a set of wonderful poems about life and its struggles.

Oriol Sintes, one of my favourites illustrators, has put color and shape to those poems and you could see the result of his amazing work at the Centre Cultural Sant Josep in an exhibition named after his writings.

El noi vaixell
Oriol explaining one of his drawings to a young visitor

Bob would’ve turned 32 yesterday but we don’t need an excuse to remember him. He’s always in our hearts reminding us we may not be able to win disease but, while we are alive, we must fight till the end and make the most of it.

Noi vaixell

Voici a picture of Bob by my good friend and photographer Lili Lamina next to a long list of thank yous by The Boat Kid.

Some of Oriol’s paintings

noi vaixellNoi vaixell

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